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About Wiehenburg Design

Originally Wiehenburg Designs concentrated on cross stitch designs but meanwhile we have decided to bring out designs in counted canvas as well as Needlepoint Kits. Since last year we carry handpainted needlepoint canvas for some of the designs.

On this website you will find counted canvas designs as well as needlepoint kits and supplies. All prices are quoted in US dollar. We sell directly to US customers.

Because of taxes and laws we do not accept orders from residents of the European community here. Therefore please order from our European website.


Wiehenburg Designs offers:Series of Circles VeridisSeries of Circles Veridis

  • Counted Canvas Designs
  • Needlepoint Kits including Mono Canvas
  • Needlepoint Kits including congress cloth
  • Mono Canvas
  • Congress Cloth
  • Handpainted Needlepoint Canvas        
  • Hand-dyed silk


Background to our counted canvas designs and handpainted needlepoint canvas:


Wiehenburg Designs obtains their mono canvas and congress cloth from Zweigart Germany directly and we order our dyes in Europe.

We think the methods of production are more environmentally friendly than in many other countries for example on the Asian continent.

As Wiehenburg Designs sells their designs worldwide we often use DMC colours for our cross stitch designs and sometimes also for our counted canvas designs.

Last year we decided to bring out Handpainted Needlepoint Canvas for our designs as sometimes it is quite difficult to get suitable Mono Canvas for our design ideas. Our precuts are normally 12 x 12 inches wide but we intend to bring out precut in 17.5 x12 inches  in handpainted needlepoint canvas and we will use handpainted needlepoint canvas in our needlepoint kits also.

At the moment all Wiehenburg counted canvas designs were stitched on an 18 count mono canvas but they can be done on Congress Cloth also. Therefore we provide needlepoint kits in congress cloth also.

For many of our counted canvas we brought out special handpainted needlepoint canvas in 18 count. For the future Wiehenbug Design intends to offer 16 count canvas in white but we intend to make it also available as handpainted needlepoint canvas precuts also.

Please consider that each of our handpainted needlepoint canvas precut looks different and is a unique piece.

Wiehenburg designs started to dye silk floss last year but we have not yet brought out some counted canvas designs for the silk. Our silk has 8 plies und is suitable for 18 count canvas and congress cloth in 24 count. We also intend to bring out needlepoint kits with our hand-dyed silk but currently you will find cotton floss in our needlepoint kits.